SmarTest Dip

Test Description Cutoff (ng/mL) US FDA Cleared US CLIA Waived
AMP Amphetamine 500
BAR Barbiturates 300
BUP Buprenorphine 10
BZO Benzodiazepines 300
COC Cocaine 150
EDDP Methadone Metabolite 300
MDMA Ecstasy 500
MET Methamphetamine 500
MOR Morphine 300
MTD Methadone 300
OPI Opiates 2,000
OXY Oxycodone 100
PCP Phencyclidine 25
PPX Propoxyphene 300
TCA Tricyclic Antidepressants 1,000
THC Marijuana 50

For Forensic Use/Export Only: Ketamine (100 & 1,000 ng/mL) K2 (50 ng/mL) Tramadol (100 ng/mL) ETG (500 ng/mL) Fentanyl (10 ng/mL)

Product Details

  • 15 CLIA Waived & OTC Cleared tests available
  • Anti-flooding dip card design
  • SAMHSA low cutoffs for AMP (500 ng/mL), COC (150 ng/mL), MET (500 ng/mL)
  • Negative results as soon as 30 seconds
  • 5-60 minute read window
  • Strong negative line intensity
  • Clearly differentiated results at ±50% cutoff


  • Collect urine in a sample cup.
  • Remove the dip card from the sealed pouch. Write the donor name or ID in the provided space, then remove the cap.
  • With the arrows pointing toward the urine specimen, immerse the sample tips vertically in the urine specimen for at least 20 seconds. Put the cap back on the dip card. Place the dip card on a flat surface.
  • Read results after 5 minutes. Results remain stable for 60 minutes.


Negative Result: If there is a red or pink line next to the “T1” or “T2” (drug test line) under the drug name, the sample is considered negative for that drug. If a test line appears next to the “T1” or “T2” for all drugs, the sample is considered negative. Certain lines may appear lighter or thinner than other lines. No further testing is required with samples showing negative test results.

Preliminary Positive Result: If NO red or pink line appears next to the “T1” or “T2” under the drug name, the sample may contain that drug. You should send the sample to our laboratory for additional testing.

Invalid Result: A colored line should always appear next to the letter “C” on every test strip. If you do not see a control line on any of test strips, your result is invalid.