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The SmarTest Patch, an innovative new product from Smartox.

Innovative and reliable drug screening products make SMARTOX the ideal partner for your business or institution.

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Technology and innovation you can trust. From traditional competitively priced urine cups and dip card tests to innovative devices like our Intelligent Fingerprinting™ drug screening device, SMARTOX is the industry leader.

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Drug & Alcohol
Testing Supplies

SMARTOX is dedicated to providing our customers with testing products that are less invasive and more user-friendly. In short, we offer products you can depend on.

Drug Test
Program Management

SMARTOX is the smart choice for your company's drug and alcohol testing program needs, offering instant services, laboratory services, DOT compliance and more. We help ensure that drug and alcohol testing programs run smoothly, accurately and efficiently.

Lab Testing

SMARTOX customers know they can depend on fast, accurate results. We provide drug testing confirmation for a variety of markets – criminal justice, drug rehabilitation, schools, addiction medicine, and workplace drug monitoring. Customers can tailor our services to meet their needs, with flexible, customizable testing services, including urine, oral fluid, hair and sweat.