SmarTest Saliva

Test Description Cutoff (ng/mL)
ALC Alcohol > 0.02% BAC
AMP Amphetamine 50
BAR Barbiturates 50, 300
BUP Buprenorphine 5, 10
BZO Benzodiazepines 10, 50
COC Cocaine 20
MDMA Ecstasy 50
KET Ketamine 100
MET Methamphetamine 50
MTD Methadone 30, 75
OPI Opiates 40
OXY Oxycodone 20, 50
PCP Phencyclidine 10
THC Parent 50
THC Metabolite 12

Forensic Use Only devices are intended for use only in drugs of abuse testing for law enforcement purposes.
Appropriate users of such devices include, for example, court systems, police departments, probation/parole offices, juvenile detention centers, prisons, jails, correction centers and other similar law enforcement entities, or laboratories or other establishments performing forensic testing for these entities.
Forensic Use Only devices are not designed, tested, developed, or labeled for use in other settings, such as clinical diagnostic or workplace settings

Product Details

  • 15 Drug tests available
  • Negative results as soon as 30 seconds
  • Results read at 10 minutes for drugs and 3 minutes for alcohol
  • Strong negative line intensity
  • Flip Top lid for security during shipment
  • Built-in saturation indicator shows when sufficient sample has been collected


  • Ensure that donor has not had anything to eat or drink in the last 10 minutes. This includes gum and tobacco products.
  • Collect the oral fluid speciman using the collector provided. Swab the inside of the cheeks a few times and then allow the collection device to dwell in the donor’s mouth until the saturation indicator appears in the indicator window (turns red).
  • Insert the collector into the drug test until the cap of the collector is firmly seated in the test. Close the device’s lid. This will create an airtight seal.
  • Read drug test results at 10 minutes and alcohol pads (if applicable) at 3 minutes.


Negative Result: If there is a red or pink line in the test area under the drug name, the sample is considered negative for that drug. If a test line appears in the test area for all drugs, then the entire sample is considered negative. Certain lines may appear lighter or thinner than other lines. No further testing is required with samples showing negative test results.

Preliminary Positive Result: If NO red or pink line appears in the test area under the drug name, the sample may contain that drug. You should send the sample to a laboratory for additional testing.

Invalid Result: If there is no line in the control area then the test is invalid and should be repeated.