In addition to an extensive array of drug testing products, SMARTOX takes pride in offering customers a comprehensive range of lab services.

These services include confirmation testing at certified laboratories, as well as complete Third-Party Administrator (TPA) services for customers that need assistance in managing their drug-testing programs for pre-employment, post-accident or random drug testing programs. Through unique partnerships, SMARTOX has access to an extensive collection network offering lab testing capabilities throughout the U.S., allowing SMARTOX to provide customers with quality drug testing services regardless of their location.

SMARTOX customers know they can depend on fast, accurate results. We provide drug testing confirmation for a variety of markets including schools, criminal justice, drug rehabilitation, and addiction medicine. Customers can tailor services to meet their needs, with flexible, customizable testing services, including urine, oral fluid, and sweat.


The SMARTOX Fingerprint Lab Test is a simple solution to what has traditionally been a difficult process.

Traditional testing methodologies rely on a donor to provide a specimen that can be difficult to collect:

  • In collecting urine, for example, the collector must insure that the pockets are emptied, the toilets are blued, the donor doesn’t use any water to dilute the sample, the donor doesn’t have shy bladder or any other medical condition to prevent the collection or, finally, that the sample doesn’t leak in transit.
  • Oral fluid requires the collector to ensure that the donor hasn’t had anything to eat or drink 15 minutes prior to collection, deal with saliva which can potentially contain infectious diseases, and tolerate a short window of detection.
  • With the SMARTOX Intelligent Fingerprint Lab Test, a donor simply cleans their hands and briefly touches a patented collection cartridge. The cartridge is then sealed and sent to our lab for testing. It’s that simple.

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