Why do I need a personal breath alcohol tester?
What type of technology do your breathalyzers have?
Which breathalyzer model is right for me?
What factors are important in choosing a breathalyzer?
How does a breathalyzer work? What types of technology do they employ?
What is %BrAC?
Am I safe to drive if my breathalyzer shows that I'm under the legal limit?
Is a person's blood alcohol concentration (BAC) the only factor in determining whether or not a DUI is given?
Who invented the breathalyzer?
How do I use my breath alcohol tester?
Why must I wait 15 to 20 minutes after consuming food or alcohol to ensure testing results are accurate?
What type of maintenance is required to maintain a personal or professional breathalyzer? Do they require calibration?
How often should I calibrate my breathalyzer to ensure accuracy?
Breathalyzer Accessories
How do I insert a mouthpiece into the breathalyzer?
How do I clean the mouthpieces if I plan to re-use them?
Why should I buy from Smartox?
How do I contact Smartox?
What is calibration? Why do I need it?
Are breathalyzers accurate?
Can my results be used in court?
Can a breathalyzer prove you were intoxicated in court?
I don't feel fine, but my breathalyzer says I'm under the legal limit.
Can I test other people with the same breathalyzer?
Can breathalyzers detect marijuana or other substances?

Common Breathalyzer Myths

Myth: Chewing gum, breath mints, or mouthwash mask the alcohol
Myth: Sucking on a penny can beat a breathalyzer
Myth: Smokers register lower on breathalyzers
Myth: Putting a battery in your mouth beats a breathalyzer