When constructing a program that ensures a drug-free workplace, it is always important to understand facts versus myths. Below are some very common misconceptions that could be impacting your drug testing program (continued from part 1).  Myth: My lab result was negative but my instant/point of care test was positive. I need a new cup […]

After a scathing report in 1971 by Congressmen Robert Steele (R-CT) and Morgan Murphy (D-IL) highlighting a heroin epidemic among servicemen in Vietnam, the U.S. military announced that it would begin urinalysis testing of all returning servicemen (known as Operation Golden Flow). During this program, 4.5 percent of the returning servicemen tested positive for heroin […]

As a company grows, one of the issues that may come up for discussion is the implementation of a workplace drug testing program. There are many reasons why testing helps businesses, particularly when programs use a quick, portable drug test rather than older, more traditional versions that feel invasive to the employee and which are […]

Evaluation data shows new fingertip-sweat drug screening device can offer coroners early intelligence on cause of death Successful proof of concept with the Sheffield Coroner leads to wider customer trial Discussions to extend the pilot of a new mobile drug screening technology pioneered by British company Intelligent Fingerprinting to nine coroners’ areas are underway following […]

A novel technique of detecting cocaine abuse through a simple fingerprint has been developed by researchers from multiple universities from UK and the Netherlands paving way for a secure, non-invasive and hygienic drug detection method. The research, led by University of Surrey and published in the journal Analyst, demonstrates for the first time that cocaine […]

Might the days of taking saliva or blood samples for drug tests be numbered? Scientists have figured out a way to use fingerprints instead, they report at Phys.org. Specifically, the researchers used a chemical analysis of the prints to determine whether a person had ingested cocaine.? Currently, scientists are able to tell whether a person […]

Tiny trace amounts of cocaine, methamphetamine, and heroin can be found on fingerprints using mass spectrometry, according to a new study. The advanced technique can find incredibly small amounts of the narcotics on a fingerprint, the National Institute of Standards and Technology researchers found. Amounts as small as 10 picograms were detected – a level […]

Intelligent Fingerprinting (Norwich, UK)  has signed a deal with Smart Start (Irving, Texas, USA) granting it exclusive North American marketing and distribution rights for Intelligent Fingerprinting’s drug-testing device. Intelligent Fingerprinting is a spin-out company from the University of East Anglia (UEA; Norwich, UK) and the distribution deal follows the recent announcement of a £2m investment in […]