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Cocaine use can now be tested in fingerprints using ambient mass spectrometry

A novel technique of detecting cocaine abuse through a simple fingerprint has been developed by researchers from multiple universities from UK and the Netherlands paving way for a secure, non-invasive and hygienic drug detection method. The research, led by University of Surrey and published in the journal Analyst, demonstrates for the first time that cocaine […]

Your fingerprint can reveal drug use

Might the days of taking saliva or blood samples for drug tests be numbered? Scientists have figured out a way to use fingerprints instead, they report at Specifically, the researchers used a chemical analysis of the prints to determine whether a person had ingested cocaine.? Currently, scientists are able to tell whether a person […]

Drugs Found in Fingerprints Using Imaging Mass Spectrometry

Tiny trace amounts of cocaine, methamphetamine, and heroin can be found on fingerprints using mass spectrometry, according to a new study. The advanced technique can find incredibly small amounts of the narcotics on a fingerprint, the National Institute of Standards and Technology researchers found. Amounts as small as 10 picograms were detected – a level […]