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SMARTOX® brings to you expertise in the drug screening and testing field. With an array of products offered we are sure to meet some or all of your needs. SMARTOX® drug screening products are designed for use in clinics, hospitals, probation and parole departments, pre-employment and corporate settings, schools, rehabilitation centers, drug courts, jails, treatment centers and many other applications. SMARTOX® not only brings to you a diverse portfolio of drug testing products but also brings the Intelligent Fingerprinting™ screening device.  Intelligent Fingerprinting™ is cutting edge technology that analyses sweat produced from the fingerprint. This technology is one of a kind in that it analyses the drug metabolite versus the drug itself ensuring cross-contamination does not occur. Visit our informational pages for more information on our Intelligent Fingerprinting™ screening device and if inquiring about information outside of North America please contact Intelligent Fingerprinting™ by their contact us page.

SMARTOX® also provides fully integrated services encompassing design, customer service and administrative support for its product line. SMARTOX® is committed to serving customers with drug testing products that offer advanced technology and exceptional results. SMARTOX® was founded in 2012 and is based in Grapevine, TX. SMARTOX® sister company, Smart Start®, has been a leader in alcohol monitoring solutions and services for over 20 years, preventing over 7 million alcohol related starts and over 600,000 installs.

For more information on  Smart Start® and their alcohol monitoring solutions, visit www.smartstartinc.com.


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